No Noise

No Noise... This is a guarantee that this Hard-Charger Guitar Preamp System will not add noise to ypur amps woes, But yet add a singing voice to the Cleans as well as the All-Tube High-Gain Distortion Sound.


Custom Builds & Modifications

Stoked on your amp and (almost) everything about it, yet there's that one thing you would change if you could? Look no further, we can fix that. There's many common areas that people look to change about the tone their hearing and a simple modification will do the trick. Sometimes it's a certain sound or feature their looking for that wasn't originally built in and some rework of the design, a custom build, can be implemented to make it just right.

Repair Service

With 25 years of electronics experience, we will repair most everything tube and solidstate. From HiFi stereos, PAs, Guitar & Bass Amplifiers and Preamplifiers to Stomp-box Effects, Rackmount devices and Mixers to electric Guitars, Basses, Keys and more...

We also offer Computer repair. All sorts, both PC and Apple Mac products.