Hard Charger

All Tube Guitar Preamp, the Hard Charger is an excellent choice to add that warm tube sound to any clean guitar signal. But that's not the best part. The Hard Charger goes beyond with a 2nd channel to provide a rip-roaring, growling Distortion. Turn any amp, recording box/mixing desk DAW into a an on-stage screamer.
Play and record at bedroom volumes or through your best headphones... Yet still capture a great sound!


Best in class! High Voltage Tube plate operation for maxiumum headroom and amplification.
Clean, High Gain, Tone and Master Volume controls. Plus a Tube Bias adjustment which allows for a cold to hot tube clipping set point.

A truly unique, boutique custom Guitar Preamp.

The Hard Charger: Disigned to Not stay in the garage!


more specs to come...