Custom Builds & Modifications

Stoked on your amp and (almost) everything about it, yet there's that one thing you would change if you could? Look no further, we can fix that. There's many common areas that people look to change about the tone their hearing and a simple modification will do the trick. Sometimes it's a certain sound or feature their looking for that wasn't originally built in and some rework of the design, a custom build, can be implemented to make it just right. Customizing an amp to the owner's taste is going beyond just fixing something, it really personalizes the experience of playing and makes it "their sound".

Areas of reckoning or consideration:

  • Tone - Balance adjustments beyond the pots if there's too much treble, midrange or bass.
  • Effects loop - Parallel to serial or have both and choose with a flick of a switch. Add a buffering circuit.
  • Bias - Tubes can run hot or cold. From Preamp to Power tubes, modifyig the bias points, within good reason, can make a difference.
  • Gain - Add more gain! Tastefully. If your amp has some and needs more, or is just simply a clean amp that would like it. Gain tweaks to added stages are very possible.
  • Switching - Add a channel or feature with relays and footwitch or when it's simple or subtle, perhaps just an added toggle will do. Noisy? Then muting maybe a way to go.

Contact us and we can go over what you're looking for. We can give an estimate of what's needed.

Make your sound, yours.